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Here at Dynamic Trader we’ve been teaching individuals and small groups how to trade the financial markets since 2005.

Each new Dynamic Trader is invited to join our online community – TRC – where there is always technical support available 24/7.

You will learn how to trade in the 6 Main Market Conditions using our handy and invaluable tools and checklists to help you.
Combinations can be used to suit the current market condition and your trading style – whether you want to trade stocks, commodities or FX over days, weeks or months.

Here is the Dynamic Trader timeline and the events that affected us during this time.

Dynamic Trader Time Line

March 27, 2000

Internet bubble

The internet bubble bursts and the start of the bear market.

August 29, 2001

Purchased our very first trading software

We subscribed to our first trading software which was based on UK stocks only at this time.

September 29, 2001

Dynamic Trader

Javid and Anne first became active in trading/investing via stocks and shares during the beginning of a bear market. Attended the first trading course today.

November 2, 2001

Second Training Course

This course expanded on the original.

February 13, 2002

Started trading FX

In addition to stocks, we now started to trade the currency markets.

April 6, 2002

Personal Develoopment

Started attending courses on personal development and psychology to help improve our trading skills.

October 10, 2002

Bull market after internet bubble

The commencement of the bull market.

January 29, 2003

Creating Trading Strategies

Started creating trading strategies suitable for the current market conditions.

July 21, 2004

Trade from abroad

This was the first time we traded away from our trading desks using out laptops and ethernet cables.

January 2, 2005

First person training

The first person who ever asked us to train them on how we trade the markets.

July 19, 2005

Dynamic Trader partnership

Javid and Anne started Dynamic Trader as a partnership.

May 3, 2006

LA Trip

Learnt lessons with less is more. Trend trading while on a trip to LA with poor internet yet came back to good profits on FX.

January 10, 2007

Dynamic Trader Ltd

Dynamic Trader is now a limited company

April 2, 2007

First FX Apprentice course

First Forex Apprentice course started today.

October 11, 2007

Financial crisis 2008

The financial crisis starts.

April 7, 2008

Second FX Apprentice course

As the first FX Apprentice was so popular, we did a second one a year later.

September 30, 2008

Shorting the market from NY

Based on the market conditions, we decided to take some heavy shorts while travelling the east coast of the U.S.

March 6, 2009

Longest bull market starts here

A new bull market starts which goes on to be the longest in history.

July 10, 2011

TRC 1.0

We started TRC (Trading Room Community).

May 17, 2015

Seminar at Mercedes

Masterclass seminar at Mercedes Benz World

December 1, 2015

TRC 2.0

TRC was housed temporarily while we awaited its new home.

October 24, 2016

TRC 3.0

Finally, we got our long-awaited shiny new home. TRC 3.0

November 16, 2016

Fetcham office

Moved offices down the road to Fetcham Park

March 16, 2017

Seminar at Hilton

Masterclass seminar at Heathrow Hilton.

October 4, 2018

Markets wobble towards the holiday season

Markets start to wobble with near term weakness.

A little while into the bearish look, we started considering shorts.

December 28, 2018

Dynamic Trader turns bullish

After the last couple of months of weakness, we were mainly standing aside and beginning to contemplate taking out shorts but today we decided concluded the market is actually bullish and started to buy into this market.

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