There’s so much free trading information available online yet somehow it does not actually seem to help.

We have been trading since 2001 and know what it takes to leave the rat race behind and trade full time from home. It is easier said than done but it is something that can be done.

Everyone needs some guidance and encouragement to get started, and that’s what we hope to provide for you.

Once you learn how Dynamic Traders invest in the markets, you will have a powerful edge over many other struggling traders out there.

If you are interested in learning more about us, read on…

Dynamic Trader was founded by Javid Shaik and Anne Chapman in 2007.

Javid Shaik

Javid Shaik has a professional background in IT and has worked in telecommunications, digital print, and business research.
His passion for trading was ignited when he came across technical analysis and trading software. Since then he has created many unique tools and indicators and is constantly developing new and more streamlined trading systems.



Anne Chapman

Anne Chapman has worked in banking, pharmaceuticals, and education specialising in user-friendly system creation.
An investor from an early age, she made a seismic shift to trading in order to combine profits with capital growth. She has a fondness for logic and systems and couldn’t trade without rules and process.


What We do

We help improve your investment returns through our continuous research analysis for the market and high probability trade opportunities and the reasoning behind them. In the interest of transparency, we show a running total of our trades live and also daily in our Market Reports as well as weekly in the webinars.

Our network of private and professional traders are all aligned with our trading philosophy so you will be joining traders who have been trading our style and method since 2007.

How We Trade

We use three simple methods:

  • Swing trading – best for timing
  • Trend trading – best for momentum
  • Intermediate growth investing – best for growth

Swing trading is used when trends are limited in their momentum. This is usually suitable for traders with little to no experience and helps a trader gain understanding and experience from the market. It is also a good way of accelerating the learning.

Trend trading is more applicable when there is momentum in the market. This is also more suited to those with some experience. While any level of trader can use this methodology, few will succeed without a good understanding and experience.

Intermediate growth trading and investing is by far the best way of extracting money from the market and is suitable for traders who want to make the most out of their money and time. This is how we make money while we sleep and enjoy time away.

What Markets Do We Trade?

The Dynamic Trader trading systems can be applied to any market. We trade the good, bad and ugly (bullish, bearish and flat). Our main focus is around stocks as that is where the majority of growth is but we also concentrate on stocks and commodities.

Team DT

Trading full-time from home can often be quite lonely.

In 2011 we decided to expand our private community and invited members from across the world and provided an online platform for sharing our trades and set-ups.

Our trading community is full of smart, helpful and very generous traders. Senior traders are always on hand to help you at the start – and throughout – your Dynamic Trader journey.

Want To Know Even More?

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