Training traders since 2007

Dynamic Trader was founded by Javid Shaik and Anne Chapman who started their trading career in 2001.

Javid Shaik

Javid Shaik has a professional background in IT and has worked in telecommunications, digital print, and business research.
His passion for trading was ignited when he came across technical analysis and trading software. Since then he has created many unique tools and indicators and is constantly developing new and more streamlined trading systems.



Anne Chapman

Anne Chapman has worked in banking, pharmaceuticals, and education specialising in user-friendly system creation.
An investor from an early age, she made a seismic shift to trading in order to combine profits with capital growth. She has a fondness for logic and systems and couldn’t trade without rules and process.



What We do

Dynamic Trader has been teaching new and experienced traders since 2007 through online, in-person, group and one to one training on how to trade the markets from anywhere while aiming to spend less than 30 minutes a day.

We are a network of private and professional traders and build our portfolio from momentum and value stocks with the aim to outperform the market while minimising risk.

Our goal is to spend less than 30 minutes each day for trade analysis and trade management.

How We Trade

We look at charts across the board. For equities, we look for the best stocks in the best sectors with the best set-ups – a filtering process which has served us well for many years. There are thousands to choose, so the scanning process is key.

For commodities and FX there are fewer tradeable options so we use a more simple scanning process to identify the best trending charts.

Using a trend-following system – either for medium-term Swing Trading or longer-term Trend Trading – we plan our entry, compounds, management and exit strategy BEFORE opening a position. Then we trade our plan!

Our main objective is capital appreciation and capital preservation. We are not day traders, nor do we spend all of our time in front of the computer watching the screen nervously all day.

What markets do we trade?

The Dynamic Trader trading systems can be applied to any market including forex, stocks and commodities – our focus is to only trade high probability trade set-ups.

Team DT

Trading full-time from home can often be quite lonely.

In 2011 we decided to expand our private community and invited members from across the world and provided an online platform for sharing our trades and set-ups.

Our trading community is full of smart, helpful and very generous traders. Senior traders are always on hand to help you at the start – and throughout – your Dynamic Trader journey.

Lets go trade!

Javid & Anne