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Boom Market

The year 2020 was one of the most difficult trading times I have experienced since my trading journey began almost 20 years ago. A crash at speeds never seen before due to a pandemic which we have never experienced before.

We have been long since the COVID crash in 2020 when the market started to boom. In fact, our first position was in ZM and this was while the crash was taking place. Our next purchase was just 2 weeks after the low in March 2020. Since that point, we have been continuously buying into this market for one reason, the market is bullish.

During bull markets, standing aside is a position but not necessarily the best choice of position. We bought over 40 positions since the COVID crash in 2020 and continuing our shopping spree, be it at a somewhat slower pace.

Make no mistake, we have been in a bull market since April 2020 and are still in a bull market, as of Feb 2021. So buying when in a bull market is the best position to have.

YTD returns for 2021 below.

Growth PORT Feb 09 2021

Let’s go trade!