Your membership will be renewed at the subscription price at the time of membership and will continue at that rate, regardless of price increases.

Following the initial term, the membership will auto-renew every year at your subscription rate unless a cancellation request has been made by you via private message in TRC at least 3 business days prior to the start of the auto-renewal month. Once we receive your message, we will reply back with a confirmation of cancellation. Once a cancellation request has been made, any grandfathered membership rate will be removed and your future membership will be at the current price at that time. Your grandfathered discounted rate will be removed.

Refund Policy
Due to the digital online nature of what we offer, members have immediate access to videos, webinar recordings and trading tools. As a result, Dynamic Trader can’t issue refunds, regardless of the reason for cancellation. If you cancel at least 3 business days prior to the start of the auto-renewal month, no subsequent charges will be applied to your credit card. However, the amounts already charged to your card will not be refunded and your membership will be valid until the next renewal date.

We treat all members equally and therefore do not make exceptions to this policy.