Gold Needs A Rest

GOLD needs a rest


I referred to GOLD in last weeks webinar and mentioned that we are likely to see a pullback at some point.

Gold has decided that the time is now and is forming a BuF but this could also turn into a mini consolidation.

Long term this is still bullish as long as support levels hold.

Unfortunately, due to the huge move up, CATs are way down below so are pretty worthless

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Double Topping on NFP for Aug 07 2020

The weekend has already arrived for Dynamic Traders. Time to sit back, relax and enjoy the next few days.

NFP Aug 07 2020

The S&P 500 is close to new ATHs. It has moved up around 25% since April 7 2020 (85 trading days ago) which is the date we turned bullish.

The fear of a double top will always be present but looks less likely based on the fact Tech is moving this market up and Nasdaq Composite

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Is FX About To Trend Again?

Is FX about to trend again?

DTS1 Aug 05 2020

As demonstrated by the daily SURE report from Sebastian and the numerous updates from Shahine, there has been an inflow in FX and if this is sustained then it is worth more of a consideration.

Like Gold, FX has been quiet for almost the same amount of time. The last big trends Dynamic Traders had in FX fizzled out around 2011 and since then there have been a glimmer

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Markets May Need Help

In recent times I have been mentioning we may now be in for a bumpy ride.

Markets on Jun 11 2020

Above is the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrials and Nasdaq Composite.

This is because, after the Fed announcement yesterday, the market can take a step back and look at the big picture.

I think it is obvious to everyone the economy is not doing well with businesses closed and a lack of tourism around the globe. The Fed can

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ZOOM has been working overtime

Overnight Zoom has moved up about $6 but don’t be fooled into thinking this is now offering an entry.

ZOOM After hours

Price is only moving up due to earnings speculation.

Many moons back, investors were given a heads up on the earnings before being released but that is no longer the case so earnings really is a gamble now.

So if you are thinking you don’t want to miss the boat then wait until after the results

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Goldman Backtracks

Strategists led by David Kostin have rolled back their prediction that the S&P 500 would slump to the 2,400 level — over 20% below Friday’s 3,044 close — and now see downside risks capped at 2,750. The U.S. equity benchmark could even rally further to 3,200, they wrote in a May 29 note.

“The powerful rebound means our previous three-month target of 2,400 is unlikely to be realized,” the strategists wrote. “Monetary and fiscal policy

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Why Are We Buying Stocks?

A question that we are both being asked is why are we buying stocks and not spread betting at the moment?

Stock Buying

The simple answer is we had stocks for about 9 years which were all sold in the recent market decline.
Those stocks were mainly growth stocks and some were dividend plays.
The market has re-set and we now have cash in place of stocks – so we want to invest into stocks to build

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The Only Way is Up

Below is our portfolio 100 trading days into 2020.

Portfolio 20200525

We are 100 trading days into 2020 and it has been, without doubt, one of the most challenging years so far.

The year started off well, continuing from where we left off from the previous year but then turned around taking out both professional and retail positions at a rate of decline never before seen.

After that, price started to bottom and bullish momentum appeared once

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