Daily Forex Trade Set Ups

FX Trading

As we have seen from the SURE report, over the last year or two, there has been bursts of increased activity in the currency markets.

While still nowhere near the level of participation and movement there use to be, back in the 00s, there is far more now than there was between 2010-2019.

As mentioned by Javid in the last MaR webinar, FX is beginning to show more pace – but lacks the follow-through.

As a result, we cannot just enter on, let’s say, Average Alignment and stay in the trade for months at a time.

The moves are a lot more short-lived so we need to be a little more active, reduce risk at the start and during the trade, and take profit when it is provided.

Our risk is measured in ‘R Multiples’

If, for example, our risk (entry-stop) is 50 pips, then our 1R (profit/management target) would be 50 pips from entry in the direction of the trade. You can use 0.5R or any multiple that suits you.

Our recent trade on GBPUSD provided a 16R profit for one of our positions. That means we have won 16x on our initial risk on that one trade.

We also had another position on the GBPUSD which also yielded a good return so the real return was more than 16R.

So while FX is not making the big moves we would like to see, it is offering low risk returns over just one to two days, which I for one am happy with.

Take a look at the SURE report each day for FX trends that are in progress (or beginning to appear) and the Levels I post for the points of reversal.

And finally, Javid posts the FX trades we take in the Swing Positions group with entry and stop.

Let’s go trade!