Deutsche Bank Bullish On Daimler

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DAI Apr 13 2021

Mercedes is getting ready to release its first non-makeshift all-electric vehicle called EQS.

We originally discussed this a few weeks back on the weekly MaR webinar.

Thursday is set to be its debut but the car features have already been released and the EQS has been driven by some people who have provided first-hand reviews.

Having seen the interior, it looks very impressive. However, from some of the reviews, the car is not as impressive to drive. ‘Drives like a boat’ was one description of the ride.

Tesla drive, feel and enjoyment is the benchmark for electric cars. Based on experiences from those who have had a chance to try the all-electric Mercedes out before the debut, it seems that the German manufacturer has decided to focus on the luxury side of development.

Deutsch Bank has said this car ‘could be a game changer’. We will have to wait and see but I feel that comment might be a little premature.

Yes, the interior of the car looks very nice but the drivability, pure enjoyment and price tag will all come into question and until those points are addressed satisfactorily, it is hard to see this actually really competing with Tesla.

And another very important point. If you can’t charge the car you can’t drive the car. Mercedes need a charging infrastructure as good as if not better than Tesla. Then the point of this car being a game-changer would have more substance.

All that aside, it is good to see more traditional car manufacturers not wanting to become irrelevant and start making the change to fully electric.

DAI is up 33% so far this year. Apparently, Deutsche are largely bullish on DAI and have given a whopping 80 Euros as a target. To put this in perspective, DAI is currently already dealing at 77 Euros.

So the question is, is the trend going to continue up or is the trend going to slow down as price has already risen 33% increase YTD.

I think it will in part be down to how the EQS is received on its debut, real-world miles offered, charging point plans and of course, the price of the vehicle compared to other vehicles like the Model S Plaid.

Let’s go trade!