End Of 2020 Portfolio Check

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So as we approach the end of 2020, let’s take a look at the state of some of our positions. Assuming the market remains intact, we will not exit our positions unless stated below.

Dynamic Trader Portfolio

In the U.S. closing positions before the end of the year will have tax implications so many investors will wait until the next year and take profit. Often we see a pullback in January and prior to NFP might a good reason to take some off the table for some investors.

For U.K. traders, the tax situation is a little different for those who are spread betting or buying in an ISA and most of that will be tax-free as of 2020.

Below is the Correl summary over 50 days for our Growth Investments.

CORREL 50 Days Dec 30 2020

AAPL is trying to test the highs.

AAPL Dec 30 2020

AMD pulling back to dCAT10 – 50MA.

AMD Dec 30 2020

AMZN neglected but not out. There is no current reason not to assume further strength in the coming years.

AMZN Dec 30 2020

AUDC monthly BuF.

AUDC Dec 30 2020

BABA bouncing from mCAT 10. A break below here could see a move down to WVI. Deal below that and we may manage this trade.

BABA Dec 30 2020

BL BuF but could travel down to DVI as monthly candlestick is shaping up as an indecision candle. Taking some profit here is acceptable.

BL Dec 30 2020


BYND is really doing very little but staying above w50MA. We may reduce or even axe this position in the coming weeks unless it improves.

BYND Dec 30 2020

CHGG recent fake breakout takes price back into the range zone. A further fall and we may consider exiting this trade with a small profit.

CHGG Dec 30 2020

CRSP is a long term hold and we will look to add to this when it is suitable.

CRSP Dec 30 2020

CRWD is a good trend and we may add to this on a PB.

CRWD Dec 30 2020

DG is one we don’t need to sell but also don’t need to hold. When we need the funds, we may sell this to raise cash for this portfolio unless it resumes the uptrend.

PORT Dec 30 2020

DKNG is very much dependent on sports taking place in order to place bets. So a stock much reliant on COVID crashing to move up.

DKNG Dec 30 2020

EDIT is performing well and is in a state of rest after such a big more recently.

EDIT Dec 30 2020

FB taking a rest but is likely to find more strength at some point in the future.

FB Dec 30 2020

HUYA is really not doing anything at all and we may reduce exposure here in the coming weeks.

HUYA Dec 30 2020

LLY shook off most investors before shooting up.

LLY Dec 30 2020

MSFT monthly chart suggests there is little reason to sell.

MSFT Dec 30 2020

NET likely to come back to CAT 10 or DVI levels. mDoji looks worrying so need to watch what transpires.

NET Dec 30 2020

NFLX is boring some traders but not us.

NFLX Dec 30 2020

NIO finally tags 50MA. A DB in this area would have been a new low risk and high probability opportunity.

NIO Dec 30 2020

NOVA taking a rest.

NOVA Dec 30 2020

PTON looks like it has more to give. Doji at the BuF base and half RN suggesting there might be a bounce soon.

PTON Dec 30 2020


PYPL Dec 30 2020

SFM could be forming a monthly cup (rounded bottom) but we don’t know if we hit the low of that yet. Will most likely look to reduce or exit this.

SFM Dec 30 2020

SNOW is a long term hold and yesterday the Doji at support suggests we might see a move up soon.

SNOW Dec 30 2020

SPCE will take a long time to really pay off, if it does. This will all be dependent on how the progression of space flight goes. Possible DB forming.

SPCE Dec 30 2020

SPOT possible DB and wBuF suggesting the trend is on track.

SPOT Dec 30 2020

SQ having a PB and possible mDoji after trending up for a while. Nothing has changed with this but a PB near term might be likely.

SQ Dec 30 2020

TDOC looks like it is not doing much but a glance at the monthly and we see a BuF.

TDOC Dec 30 2020

TSLA is still in a trend although with reduced momentum.

TSLA Dec 30 2020

XPEV finding support at 50MA.

XPEV Dec 30 2020

ZM forming a DB.

XPEV Dec 30 2020

BTCUSD continues to display power and strength.

BTCUSD Dec 30 2020

ETHUSD is the second-largest crypto and also performing well.

ETHUSD Dec 30 2020

Let’s go trade!