There are countless trading platforms ranging from free to a few thousand dollars a month. Some are real-time while others offer end of day only. As full-time traders, we have to use a variety of software packages to help us with our analysis and trading.


One of our favourite software platforms is eSignal. We have been using this since 2003 and it is an excellent charting platform.

Quality of data is very important and we have rarely had issues with data accuracy. The software layout is clear and intuitive and charts look pristine.

It is not the cheapest by any means and pricing has been restructured a few times since 2015 but you are paying for speed of data, accuracy and ability to really adapt the software to your style of trading. We have created many trading tools in the software that are not just very useful, but look good and unobtrusive on the chart.

The trading software is used by day traders, swing traders, position traders and investors.

The biggest drawback is eSignal will only work on Windows. So you need to run it on a PC or Windows emulator on a Mac.

We can organise a discount for the software so if you would like to purchase eSignal, send us a message from our contact page.