Gloomy clouds for traders

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MSFT trading system

If the weather was nicer here and as today is a stand aside day for us, we would be going out for some sea air.

Instead, after the sunshine from two weeks ago and the snow of last week to the rain this week, it seems we are standing aside at home.

This gloomy weather takes away the freedom and joy of being a trader. Especially after two years of confinement courtesy of COVID.

The good news, our MSFT position, the first trade after the COVID crash, is celebrating a 2 year old birthday today with over 160% in profit.

Compared to some other positions we have, 160% might not seem very much to be excited about but it is for us. This has been a low risk trade without tantrums and mainly plain sailing for those 2 years.

So the MSFT cloud infrastructure are probably the most welcome of clouds we will celebrate today.

Let’s go trade!