Herd Mentality

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Hi Trader,

From one dog all dogs bark

Herd Mentality

As many of you will know, we have been long this market since April 7 2020.

During this period many traders were either short and losing money or looking for the markets to resume the decline so they can take shorts.

We have been taking long positions and continue to do so and now we can see the late comers are joining into this bull party.

It’s easy to claim the bias is bullish when price breaks above the 200 moving average. Anyone can do that and it takes little skill other than opening a chart and looking at it but the real ability and edge come in spotting the trend and identifying the market before the majority and media do.

We were also long from early Jan 2019, while many were attempting to short and squealing from losing money. Again, after price moved above the 200 moving average some 5 weeks later, the late comers finally arrived and claimed the market is bullish.

If you want to beat the market, don’t follow the herd and copy the majority of traders as many will be wrong most of the time.

Investors have a herd mentality. They want to invest only if others are investing but only the smart money invests when no one is looking.

Be the smart money. Look for opportunities when no one else is.

There’s ‘money lying in the corner’ in quiet markets just waiting to be picked up but will often be ignored.

Lets go trade!