Is FX About To Trend Again?

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Is FX about to trend again?

DTS1 Aug 05 2020

As demonstrated by the daily SURE report from Sebastian and the numerous updates from Shahine, there has been an inflow in FX and if this is sustained then it is worth more of a consideration.

Like Gold, FX has been quiet for almost the same amount of time. The last big trends Dynamic Traders had in FX fizzled out around 2011 and since then there have been a glimmer life in this market every so often but it has turned out to be a flash in the pan.

Trends in FX last a long time. The prior trends last around 10 years so if these are valid momentum plays beginning, we should expect more than just a few days of movement scattered around here and there.

Here is the FX report.

We want the daily column to be a different colour to all the other columns.
e.g. M&W green and D red.

This indicated a lower time frame pullback and expectation of getting back inline with the higher timeframe are or near a reversal zone.

This can also be used on W, D and Intraday if you prefer but the report is specifically for M, W & D.

Let’s go trade!