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Have you been spending too much time trying to learn to trade from free online tutorials?

Are you becoming overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information?

Have you struggled with profitability and consistency?

Or are you simply unsure where to start?

Everyone needs some guidance and encouragement from time-to-time - and that’s exactly what we provide for our members.

We give our trainees an edge over the many struggling traders out there.

It's not enough to simply find a good chart and look at moving averages or some other 'holy grail' indicator.
We show how to execute a trade, from entry to exit - for shorter-term gains and longer-term investments.

Trading since 2001, we know what it takes to leave the rat race behind - and trade full time from the comfort of your own home - with no daily commute. You can be your own boss!

Rat race

And we don't just have over 20 years trading experience - we have been training traders to successfully trade the markets for almost 15 years, too.

TRC is our Trading Room Community 

This is a private trading room where we share our trade ideas, trade set-ups and trade entries.

It also serves to help you accelerate your own learning and progress by seeing and understanding how others trade. We share our set-ups and trades here for everyone to follow and learn.

We do not hype or broadcast what we do. We look to take on traders who are serious and realistic.

Can Anyone Become a Trader?

Housewife learning to trade

There are no set rules for who can or can't become a successful trader. So long as you can add and subtract then you have enough smarts to trade.

Anyone can become a great trader.

Once you've put in the time and effort - to cover the groundwork - then it's simply a matter of a few minutes a day (and an hour or two preparation at the weekend). We even help you with your weekend analysis by providing you with a Market Report webinar every Sunday which covers in-depth the type of market we're in and how to trade it. 

We have members from all walks of life in our community - some are highly educated, and others left school with few (if any) qualifications. The markets pay no attention to your level of education - it rewards those with patience, stamina, and consistency.

The one thing all our Dynamic Traders have in common is a determination to make a success of trading - to supplement or replace their current income.

Weekly Webinars To Keep Track Of The Market

Our weekly Market Report webinars are an in-depth look at the market and show you what the market may have in store. We show you where the money is flowing and when and where we should be trading.

The webinar layouts are simple and prepare you well for the coming week. 

What is Dynamic Trader?

Dynamic Trader Limited was founded by Javid Shaik and Anne Chapman in 2007.

After 6 years of trading from home we started Dynamic Trader - mainly due to the fact we had been asked numerous times if we would share our trading techniques with other people.

If you want to improve at anything you need to be around other, more experienced, people.

Some members of our community have been with us since the very beginning!

In addition, we wanted to surround ourselves with likeminded people. Trading can be lonesome - so having a group of private traders to discuss trades with on a daily basis was an ideal solution.

We started by teaching how to trade the currency market - which relies heavily on technical analysis - with numerous strategies (short and longer term).

As software, and the markets, evolved we expanded our training to include stocks. The foundation is very much the same, so it was logical to add a few more indicators (specific to stocks) and some fundamental analysis.

We teach both technical (chart reading) and fundamental (data reading) analysis which can be applied to forex, stocks, commodities or any other market.

We are often asked what style of trades we take or what type of traders we are. Our preference is not to pigeonhole our style. But, as many people often want to know our style of trading, there are three approaches that would be the nearest form of description.

Our 3 methods of trading are:

  1. Swing trading 
  2. Trend trading
  3. Intermediate growth investing

Swing trading can be holding a position for a few days to a few weeks.

Trend trading is holding a position for a few weeks to a few months.

Intermediate growth investing is holding a position for months or years.

Our winning style of trading

Our Trading Results

This is our tradelog for 2020.
Our best performer gave a profit of 147.99% and our biggest loser gave a loss of -18.68%.

This follows the well know adage of letting your profits run and cutting your losses short.

2020 was the year the markets experienced the fastest ever move down into bear territory - so it was a very unusual year, not to mention a very difficult one.

We managed to stagger out of all our positions by end of Feb 2020 - and started to rebuild our portfolio. By the end of the year our portfolio had grown by 45%. 

All our trades were (and are) shared with our members.

Tradelog 2020

What People Are Saying About Us

Vikram Singh

"I have achieved an overall gain of 250% in just eight months."

"BIG Thank You for your continued support via TRC and the weekly webinars! "

Vikram Singh
Gian Massimo

“Filled with content and stuff I've never found anywhere before in 7 years of trading".

“Every lesson is a surprise and every time a piece was added to the puzzle."

Gian Massimo
Peter Amankwa

“Returns on my trades for the first quarter of the year grew to 87%."

“l can not thank Javid and Anne enough for their excellent training methods and outstanding support."

Peter Amankwa

Read On If You Really Want To Learn How To Trade

We are not in the business of providing false hope. To become a good trader requires a business attitude, discipline and hard work. Anything less and success will be a long way off.

If you are serious about wanting to learn how to trade and grow your portfolio, we can help.

The first step is to be committed and be ready to immerse yourself. Do not try to do everything at once, take small steps, every so often, to ensure you understand what is needed.

WARNING: Trading Isn't For Everyone

Trading requires real dedication - just because anyone can open a trading account and place a trade, that doesn't mean they should.

Learning a new skill takes time and trading is no exception.


There's a whole new language to understand - as well as understanding all the technical and fundamental indicators required to build a solid, profitable strategy.

And, on top of that, there's software to learn, too.

If trading were easy everyone would be doing it - and doing well from it.

It's not beyond most peoples capabilities to learn to trade - but please don't underestimate the amount of work it takes to make trading look easy.

If you're still interested - and want to channel your inner trader - then read on...


Level 1 Membership

TRC membership is our online trading room for traders who have all been taught to trade the same way.

While application of strategies may vary (due to different risk tolerance levels) we're all on the same page, looking at the same (or similar) charts, and looking to enter at the same (or similar) entry points.

TRC chat

Being in a community who are all on the same page is essential to helping you understand how to approach trading in the way we, at Dynamic Trader, have developed.

  • We're open and honest about the trades we take
  • We give exact entry and exit points
  • We tell you if a stock is a candidate for compounding, or taking partial profit, or exiting
  • We share and explain our trading strategies
  • All questions posted in TRC are answered by us or an experienced Dynamic Trader

Many online forums are full of people who only share their profitable trades (after the event), don't/can't explain the reason they entered/exited a trade, and are often people with very little experience who have not traded through multiple cycles of bull and bear markets.

  1. 1
    Learn to trade with experienced traders
  2. 2
    Apply specific strategies to specific markets
  3. 3
    Get your questions answered
  4. 4
    Build a portfolio to suit your needs and requirements
  5. 5
    Grow and develop as a trader
Experienced traders


For a limited time only you can join Dynamic Trader's Level 1  (with access to weekly webinars, beginner training videos and TRC) for just £150 per month.

You will get a taste of what we have to offer. If you like what you see then we also have two advanced level training courses. If not, you can cancel your subscription at any time!

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What People Are Saying About Us

Tom Chakraborti

“Javid and Anne have been excellent teachers on trading and mentors to me ."

“I have relied on their wisdom and they have been extremely approachable and informative."

Tom C
Jeremy Strode

“Have been with Dynamic Trader since 2014 ."

“A very personal service - with attention to detail."

Jez Strode
Javid and Anne

A Bit About Javid & Anne

We met in 2001 and wanted to find a way to leave the 9 to 5 so we could spend time travelling together - and generally relaxing!

We began trading random stocks within the UK FTSE - unsurprisingly with little success.

After countless courses (and tens of thousands of dollars/pounds later) we formulated our own winning strategies and began our road to trading success.

Soon after this we were approached by a number of people keen to learn from us. We mentored individuals, small groups and created online courses - all of which constitutes the foundation for the courses we still teach today.

Is Dynamic Trader Right For You?

We know how difficult it is to find good quality teaching AND simple and effective strategies to apply to your trading.

It's why we created Dynamic Trader.

We can't teach you everything you need to know in just a few hours - or even a few months.

That's why we created TRC.

As can be seen from our testimonials, we have many happy traders in our community - many of who have been with us for many years.

But we know our style of trading isn't for everyone. So, for a limited time only, we are allowing people to join our community BEFORE undertaking the intensive online or personal one-to-one training.

We cover short to longer-term strategies to suit most styles of trading - whether your objective is to pocket quick gains or to invest for your future (through a personal pension, for example, or other long-term tax efficient investment vehicle).

A Low-Cost Entry To See What We're All About

It's not always easy to know if a company is offering a product to suit your own, individual requirements.

We've been on numerous courses and spent tens of thousands learning how to trade - so we understand.

But until you try it you won't know if what we offer is suitable for your needs.

So sign up today for a low-cost entry - and get a feel for what we offer.

Plus, there are plenty of training videos for you to watch and learn from. 

How Can We Help You?

How can we help you

We like to help those who are committed to making trading a success.

Here's how we believe we can really help.

Dynamic Trader

  • Experience traders ready to answer your questions
  • No hidden agenda - upfront we tell you we offer two courses
  • Our emphasis is on education first
  • We show you the right strategy for the current market conditions
  • Happy traders!

Other Trading Forums

  • The blind leading the blind with lots of noise and excitement
  • Constant upselling and/or affiliate selling
  • No forum objective/intention 
  • Black box/closed/proprietary systems 
  • Confused traders

With Level 1 You Get Access To

  • Daily stock updates and trade ideas
  • Daily FX and Comms trade ideas
  • Weekly webinars with an in-depth market analysis and 
  • Daily Swing Trade candidates 
  • Access to experienced traders
  • Simple technical analysis strategies  
  • Our TradingView trading tools   
  • Easy to read trading ebook 

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If You Have Any Questions, Feel Free To Ask

What if I want to leave?

Is trading right for me?

Do I need any special software?

What sort of strategies do you teach?

How long will it take me to be profitable?

What if I have any questions?

£150 a month is a limited time offer!
Normal entry to Dynamic Trader is via our Level 2 (£6000) or Level 3 (£9000) trader training programmes.

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