Make Money While You Sleep

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Hello trader,

Make Money Trend Trading While You Sleep

Make money while you sleep

Our biggest winners for 2020 so far:

As many of you will know, we have been bullish in the stock market since Jan 2019. During those 18 months, it has not been plain sailing. We have had pullbacks, consolidations, fake breakdowns and recently the fastest ever move into bear territory from the highs in a bull market. However, we continued our bullish stance throughout, although we stood aside during the decline. And that is not to say we won’t change our outlook but price is our main indicator and it always dictates our actions.

As of today, our percentage of return YTD is 141%.

ZM has been one of our big winners and MSFT our next, although that is some distance behind.

We have focussed a lot of our effort in ZM and it is a stock that was mentioned many times in our trading network so opportunities were available along the way to enter into this trade on a few occasions in the recent months. We will not be adding to this position right now.

BYND has also been a good earner for us and seems to be having a rest right now.

NFLX we have been in for a while and currently making ATHs.

Let your money work for you

One of the biggest features of the stock market and one many new traders don’t take advantage of is the ability to let your money work for you. This means making money while you sleep.
New traders are so obsessed with immediate gratification, quick profits and small time frames. Looking at the big picture, growth and trends are dismissed.

Work smart not hard

Allow the markets to provide you with a good lifestyle. Screen watching all day trying to collect some profit intraday and then having stressful nights sleep is really not the way to go. Believe me, I have done all that back in 2001 when I first started trading and it was not very productive.

Dynamic Traders have been trading long in this market from April 2020 after the decline and have let the market work for them while enjoying their time at home during the lockdown. Now the lockdown is over, it is time to enjoy the summer sun.

I like to enjoy each day. On sunny days I like to go to the seaside, watch the waves while having breakfast or lunch on the beach and taking in the sunshine during which the market is working on our behalf. For me, this is a good days work.

During these past few months, the smart money has had lots of opportunities to make lots of money. If you have missed out these opportunities, you really need to ask yourself why?

In almost 20 years of trading full-time, I have learnt through experience that if an opportunity appears, you don’t pull down the shade.

Don’t miss the opportunities. Trade the trends. Price is your guide. Enjoy each day.

Lets go trade!