MaR Apr 15 2020

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Market Report for Apr 15 2020

New Positions:

Trade Zones:
Standing aside

Market Trend:

Market YTD:
Nasdaq Composite -5.1% YTD
S&P 500 -11.9% YTD
Dow Jones Industrial Average -16.1% YTD
Russell 2000 -25.8% YTD

Market Volume:
NYSE Vol: 1.2B
Nasdaq Vol: 3.7B

Key U.S. News:
Retail Sales
Retail Sales ex-Auto
Industrial Production
Capacity Utilisation
EIA Crude Oil Inventories

Volume on NYSE has certainly declined but still slightly above the average. The Nasdaq still has levels of high volume, although less than recent weeks. We also have some big tech stocks such as AMZN breaking out. Now is the time to get the watchlist ready and be prepared if the market does surge forward from here on, after the resistance zone mentioned in this weeks webinar.

We are standing aside as this is not easy money. We need the market to fist move into a buy zone then we await the stocks to set up.

Level 3 traders, please join on the upcoming webinars when we will analyse these stocks and many more.

MAR Apr 15 2020

Lets go trade!