MaR Jan 17 2020

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New Positions:

Trade Zones:

Market Trend:

Market YTD:
Nasdaq Composite +4.3% YTD
S&P 500 +2.7% YTD
Dow Jones Industrial Average +2.7% YTD
Russell 2000 +2.2% YTD

Market Volume:
NYSE Vol: 846M
Nasdaq Vol: 2.4B

Key U.S. News:
Housing Starts
Building Permits

The S&P 500 rallies past 3300 in a risk-on session. This broad-based advance was led by the technology stocks and Nasdaq is the leader in the major averages.

As we are now almost at the weekend, don’t look to take too many positions today in case of profit-taking.

Happy Friday TRC.

MaR Jan 17 2020

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