MaR Sep 11 2020

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Market Report for Sep 11 2020

Looking for trend signals in important. Right now we have little in the way that suggests we will have a trend up other than seasonal behaviour 50ma.

Signals for a trend trade

Trade Zones:
Stand aside

Market Trend:

Market YTD:
Nasdaq Composite +21.7% YTD
S&P 500 +3.4% YTD
Dow Jones Industrial Average -3.5% YTD
Russell 2000 -9.6% YTD

Market Volume:
NYSE Vol: 911.2 mln
Nasdaq Vol: 3.8 bln

New Positions:

Portfolio % of Return:
Stocks: +295.51
FX & Comms: +5.37

PORT FX Sep 11 2020

PORT Sep 11 2020

What we are witnessing is what we are expecting for September. Tree shaking forcing stops to be hit before recommencing the trend. It is good for the market to pause here so we should wait and see what unfolds. As I mentioned previously, taking profit here is ok by selling into strength

Nasdaq Composite is the only one that has physically tagged the 50ma but the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average are in proximity of theirs.

Stand aside and wait for the market to show its hand first.

Market Sep 11 2020

Lets go trade!