Market Report Apr 01 2022

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Market Report for Apr 01 2022

S&P 500 and Nasdaq

Market Trend:
S&P 500 = Mixed
Nasdaq Composite = Mixed

Stock Market %:
DJIA: -1.56
Nasdaq Composite: -1.54
S&P 500: -1.57
UK FTSE 100: -0.83

Market Volume:
NYSE Vol: 1.2 bln (Above)
Nasdaq Vol: 5.3 bln (Above)

2-yr: -5 bps to 2.28% (+85 bps in March)
3-yr: -3 bps to 2.46% (+85 bps in March)
5-yr: -3 bps to 2.42% (+70 bps in March)
10-yr: -3 bps to 2.33% (+49 bps in March)
30-yr: -3 bps to 2.45% (+27 bps in March)

Stocks drifted lower throughout the session with heavier selling into the last hour. This session can be contributed to profit-taking, end of quarter rebalance or pre NFP adjustments with short term traders wanting to be flat before the jobs report but we should be careful the markets do not take this momentum further without us taking action.

Today is a nothing to do day. Stand aside, watch how the market reacts to the numbers and get ready for the weekend.

Let’s go trade!