Market Report Jul 06 2022

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Market Report for Jul 06 2022

S&P 500 and Nasdaq Daily Charts

Stock Market Price And Percent Changes

Intraday Stock Market Price Action

A negative sentiment started the session on Tuesday with the markets fall after recession worries consumed the market players. As the day progressed the market started to change its tune and as was mentioned in the last two weeks webinars, the Nasdaq started to out-perform the other two indices. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was the only one to end the session negative.

All of our stocks were negative at the beginning and all ended positive at the end. Mega-cap stocks were among the leading stocks.

EURUSD fell to 20-year lows and there were large moves to the downside in some comms, such as oil and gas.

After today we start to build up to NFP so any positions you may want to enter should be done today.

Let’s go trade!