Market Report Jun 15 2022

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Market Report for Jun 15 2022

Market Percent Changes

S&P 500 and Nasdaq Daily Charts

Intraday Stock Market Price Action

A small range session on Tuesday for the S&P 500 (73 points) and Nasdaq (194 points). So much of a nothing day prior to the FOMC decision on Wednesday and we continue to stand aside.

The treasury market continues to remain under pressure with the 2-yr note settling 16 basis points up at 3.34% and 10-yr note up 12 basis points at 3.48%. All eyes are on the Fed who are likely coming in with at least a 75-basis point rate hike.

For trend traders, use this downtime to prepare for the new round of trends, be it of the bullish or bearish inclination. Currently, we are enjoying some sunshine by the coast.

Trend traders downtime by the coast

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