Market Report Mar 31 2022

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Market Report for Mar 31 2022

S&P 500 and Nasdaq

Market Trend:
S&P 500 = Mixed
Nasdaq Composite = Mixed

Stock Market %:
DJIA: -0.19
Nasdaq Composite: -1.21
S&P 500: -0.63
UK FTSE 100: +0.55

Market Volume:
NYSE Vol: 931 mln (Below)
Nasdaq Vol: 5.4 bln (Above)

2-yr: -2 bps to 2.33%
3-yr: -5 bps to 2.49%
5-yr: -4 bps to 2.45%
10-yr: -4 bps to 2.36%
30-yr: -4 bps to 2.48%

Wednesday saw an end to the consecutive bullish days as Nasdaq Composite approached its 200-day line. It closed around the Feb 2022 pivot high. The S&P 500 faired slightly better and closed just above the Frb 20200 pivot high. Only 4 sectors finished higher for the day.

We are still in buying mode but with NFP around the corner, we can now start to stand aside and enjoy what the market offers.

Don’t chase the trades but be ready to take advantage of the momentum.

Let’s go trade!