Market Report May 12 2022

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Market Report for May 12 2022

S&P 500 and Nasdaq

Market Trend:
Market trend

2-yr: +1 bp to 2.64%
3-yr: -1 bp to 2.82%
5-yr: -4 bps to 2.88%
10-yr: -7 bps to 2.92%
30-yr: -9 bps to 3.04%

Wednesday was yet another busy day on the markets with the biggest swing so far this week. Lots of volume and lots of volatility.

Trend traders can stand aside and watch while the market crushes traders who have not taken the steps to reduce risk over the recent months. We start to manage our book in November 2021 so just over 6 months ago. Now we are mainly in cash waiting for the next set ups to occur.

Our CRM position finally met the sharp end of our axe with over 300% profit.

Continue to stand aside and enjoy the volatility in this stock market.

Let’s go trade!