The software can do a lot of things but one of the most thorough aspects of it is scanning and testing. Originally it was possible to use eSignal data but now the only option is to use their own data. Which is very good but if you already have eSignal then it would have been nice to have been able to use that data in place of paying for additional data.


Metastock is a trading software we originally purchased back in 2003. It is a real workhorse and subsequently has quite a steep learning curve. It is a feature-rich charting package and the Experts feature is great for new traders. Similarly, there are lots of plug-ins that are available to help the trader understand why a set up is occurring The ability to code your own indicators and is once and with a little practice, fairly simple.

The support I have to say is one of the best I have had. Always attentive and very quick.

Metastock is a great product that has helped traders make smart and informed trading decisions for many years.

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