Morning Update for Jun 25 2020

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Yesterday the market had a pullback. At least for the moment, we can assume it is a pullback and nothing more.

These are generally good for continuations as long as they hold at or near support zones.

On a big one day pullback, it is often difficult to find opportunities compared to neat BuF or similar patterns the happen over time. As a result of the one day swing yesterday, we need to stand aside today.

Below are the levels for the markets. You will see that all three markets came to their wCAT 10 support levels.

All of our trades are intact and managed accordingly. Now we wait to see if we have a break our bounce from these levels.

SURE Jun 25 2020

SPX Jun 25 2020

Dow Jun 25 2020

Nasdaq Jun 25 2020

Lets go trade!