2020 A Year Like No Other

The start of 2020 was where 2019 had ended and we continued along that same trend until COVID hit the market and we saw a volatile change in direction at a speed not seen before. We entered the market from a growth investing perspective mainly at the start of April and continues to but into the market throughout the whole year.

We did take some swing trades that were a shorter-term duration that you can see below. As of Jan 1 2021, we still hold positions in ZG and FRC with an accumulative percent of return of over 26% and we also hold 38 positions in growth investments with a percent of return in excess of over 1700%.

DT.LIVE Growth Portfolio 2020

PORT Swing Trades 2020

PORT Growth Investments 2020


2019 Started Bearish But Soon Turned Around

The year started with having us prepare for shorts in the near future. That was short-lived and as of January 4 2019 we started preparing for a bullish market as mentioned on our webinars and from that point, Dynamic Traders were bullish for the remainder of 2019. The video below shows the S&P 500 and how we reacted to the price action.

Below are 2019 trades as a percentage of return. Most of our trades for 2019 were swing trades and the average holding time was 27 days

Dynamic Trader trades

Let’s go trade!