2021 A Difficult Year For Tech (Portfolio Growth +15.00%)

As always, it is just a handful of trades that shine the most and this year was no different.

The first half of 2021 was quite challenging which saw many of our tech positions start to move into consolidation. They did come good in the second half of the year but it required discipline to hold and to also compound on these positions.

The S&P 500 was the best performing index with low volatility and energy as the best performing sector with high volatility. We prefer a good night sleep so opted for a middle ground so almost all of our best-performing stocks had medium volatility.

Below are our long-term and short-term positions during 2021. The charts have incorporated the fluctuation in the currency at the end of 2021.


Dynamic Trader Long-Term Portfolio 2021

2021 Growth Trades 1 - Dynamic Trader

2021 Growth Trades 2 - Dynamic Trader

Dynamic Trader Short-Term Portfolio 2021

2021 Swing Trades - Dynamic Trader

Let’s go trade!