Premarket Bullish At The Start Of The Week

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As mentioned on the weekly webinars, it is good to be diversified. However, at the same time, it has been difficult to do so as tech has really been a good performer.

HUYA Oct 12 2020

From all of our open positions, every trade is up premarket except HUYA.

Further to the Futures report:

  • Nasdaq is +186
  • S&P 500 is +18.75
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average only +23

As you can see, tech is surging ahead again. That is not to say it will end the session like this or even start the session like this but it’s hard to ignore moves like this when compared to the other indices.

We have been and continue to be in a stock pickers market. Blindly going into trades is not the best way to be involved.

Be selective and fussy. Wait for the pullback/retests of good trending stocks.

Happy Monday TRC.

Let’s go trade!