S&P 500 Recorded Its Best Second-Quarter Performance Since 1938

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March 23 2020 was the low registered for the year so far and from there we have seen a nice recovery in the market. We started our bullish stance just 10 days from that low this year. The prior year the low was registered on Christmas Eve 2018 before the recovery began and we began our bullish stance just 6 days later in 2019.

Both times this was against what the majority of traders were doing but as you know, the majority are often wrong.

One of the advantages that you all have, other than being in TRC, is that you are all nimble. Unlike institutions, you can get into a trade quickly at any time and exit even faster.

If you missed out on the smart money opportunity last year or even this year, when the next one comes along and we mention in TRC this might be a bullish emergence, please give it more consideration and check for your CoE.
As you all know, there is no requirement for day trading all day every day. I have done it until our mentors told me and followed by Anne reminding me, we just need a few good trades a year to make it a successful one. And that still holds true today.

We all want a stress free and good lifestyle. This cannot be achieved by doing what the dumb money do.

Be patient. Wait for the set up. Take the trade. Trade the trend.

SPX best quarter

Lets go trade!