StockCharts we have used since 2015 and it is a web-based platform so is accessible from almost anywhere device. The charts are very pleasing to the eye and probably one of the most desirable.

A common mistake for many new traders is using cheap or free software and tools. The stock market is not easy but once you get the hang of it, you have to make sure you are prepared. That means it is very important for a beginner to succeed to be equipped with best trading, scanning and charting software.


The front page (Dashboard) has the usual pieces of information you will have come to expect from your broker accounts such as market snapshot, watchlists, biggest movers, scanners and alerts. All of this information is organised neatly and easily accessible.

The data is very accurate although the refresh rate is in intervals and not streaming. Unfortunately, SharpCharts are not dynamic, so to analyse and annotate is a clumsy affair. The lack of dynamic charts is not much use for day traders but if you are intermediate or long term trader, this will be a fairly good platform. The good news is StockCharts will soon have dynamic charts available in addition to SharpCharts.

The variety of tools, simplicity, cleanliness and great looking charts is a reason to own this software.

If you would like to purchase this software, send us a message from our contact page.