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Boom Market

The year 2020 was one of the most difficult trading times I have experienced since my trading journey began almost 20 years ago. A crash at speeds never seen before due to a pandemic which we have never experienced before.

We have been long since the COVID crash in 2020 when the market started to boom. In fact, our first position was in ZM and this was while the crash was taking place. Our next (more…)

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Cancelling COVID

Healthcare will continue to be on interest to investors.

Pfizer & BioNTech

After France and Spain, the U.K. has the next largest number of coronavirus cases in Europe.

The U.K. is the first to approve the coronavirus vaccine and grant emergency approval to Pfizer and BioNTech and will now see other countries follow soon.

Regulators in the U.S. and Europe are yet to decide on granting emergency use of the vaccine.

U.K. has an agreement for 40 mln (more…)

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China Takes Over The World

When the Fortune 500 Global 2020 list was published earlier this year it also recorded a ‘first’.

For the first time, since its inception in 1955, the number of Chinese companies on the list outnumbered the USA.

Trading desk

Is the power dynamic shifting?
China’s growth has been on Javid’s and my radar for over 10 years – ever since we heard Jim Rogers sold up his New York mansion to move to Singapore.

In 2007 Rogers (more…)

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Patience – Wait For The Dumb Money

As you will know from the webinars, we have been in the midst of dumb money activity and as a result are seeing tree shaking.

Stocks trading lower

Of course tree shaking can turn into further weakness so we should always be ready to change our position on the market if needed. You may recall we did that on Jan 4 2019 when we turned bullish having been bearish just the day before. And from that point we (more…)

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September Effect

As you know from the weekly webinars, September is generally a poor month. Often price will move down and this can best be seen on the Nasdaq which has benefited the most since the March lows.

Nasdaq Sep 08 2020

After every big move, we will see a pullback or consolidation and more so now do we want this to be the case.

Nasdaq has moved up about 75% since March and it needs to catch its breath before (more…)

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Market Decline

After every big move, we will see a pullback or consolidation.

Keep emotions in check

As we have experienced big moves in the last month and NFP is due out tomorrow, now is a good time to take some profit. That is what looks to be the case at the moment.

We have been awaiting a pullback on S&P 500 so it would retest the breakout zone and use it as support and springboard to provide confidence in this (more…)

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It Has Been One Of The Most Testing Years

Bull v Bear

Most years in trading, there will be tree shaking and so contraction in the market begins, shaking off all the weak apples before the expansion and a bullish trend.

Some years there will be a full blown bear market such as in 2000-2003, 2007-2009 and while officially 2020 went into bear territory, it did not last long.

Other years we will see nothing but sideways action and not much else which can pound our patience. (more…)

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AAPL Is A $2 Trillion Company

AAPL is a $2 trillion company


Apple finally did and is the first company to reach $2 trillion market cap.

They are not strangers to the trillion dollar title as they were also the first company to reach the $1 trillion market cap back in August 2018.

They were also the first to pass $1.5 trillion in June this year.

AAPL has incline of 57.61% for the year so far.

Volume yesterday was nothing excessive (more…)

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Gold taking a rest

Gold taking a rest

Gold taking a rest

Gold looks to continue the uptrend but as mentioned in the weekly webinar, don’t be surprised if price pauses around this area before making a move up.

A good set up would be if price pulled back to the prior low, provided a DB and offered a new entry. I have drawn in what that could look like if it was to transpire.

We are still in Gold and our stop (more…)

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Why should we be standing aside?

Why should we be standing aside?

Profession traders v retail traders

As the S&P 500 made a new high, it would be obvious to now look to get into the market.

The fact is, this current environment is being driven by the dumb money. This was mentioned on the last couple of weekly webinars and we can see the inflow of the dumb money by simply looking at the range of the bars on S&P 500. The small range indicates (more…)

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