Interesting Coins

Flash Crash

Altcoins have been really interesting in recent times.

I can’t help looking at altcoins each morning to see what has happened in this space in the past 24 hours. Although I should also make it clear, we are not trading altcoins due to past experience prohibiting us to be involved with euphoric stages in cycles.

Also, I want to make it clear, I do not know where we are in the cycle as the whole

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Deutsche Bank Bullish On Daimler

DAI Apr 13 2021

Mercedes is getting ready to release its first non-makeshift all-electric vehicle called EQS.

We originally discussed this a few weeks back on the weekly MaR webinar.

Thursday is set to be its debut but the car features have already been released and the EQS has been driven by some people who have provided first-hand reviews.

Having seen the interior, it looks very impressive. However, from some of the reviews, the car is not as impressive

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This Is The Way

This is the way…


As mentioned in the weekly webinars, we should be expecting a flat period of activity and just like in the Mandalorian, this is the way.

We can see the major averages are all moving sideways due to lack of momentum as the main group of traders who were entering into this market are the reliably consistent latecomers, the dumb money.

So, while we have this period of rest in the market,

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Noise Increase

If we look at the S&P 500 yearly charts, we can see price is around the highs of last year and earlier this year. This will always be considered a sticking point for price due to reversal levels and congestion from the past.

SPX Yearly Aug 3 2020

If you were on yesterdays webinar, you will know we have been in a resting phase of the market and also the reason why we are in that phase. We need to

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Sensible Driver Ahead

Get ready for the week ahead. It will be an interesting one. Earnings accompanied by the Fed rate decision on Wednesday and a bunch of profit-taking to spice it all up.

Methods change

We are now officially in a sensible driver phase of the market so get ready for the rocky road ahead and watch for those support levels to hold.

Do not look to trade breakouts unless from a good base such as DB.

Pullbacks will

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Volatility and Noise

S&P 1.3% away from turning positive and we have 156% of return.

Ignore the noise

The year started off where 2019 finished and we were enjoying the longest bull run in history, until the pandemic hit the market.

That’s when everything changed.

We have seen the fastest turnaround from the ATHs to a bear market.

Dynamic Traders turned bullish within 2 weeks of the lows being set and have since enjoyed plenty of buying opportunities, especially in tech

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Most Valuable Car Company

Hi Dynamic Trader,

TSLA closed +3.7% yesterday giving the company a market value of about $208 bln.


That is now more than TM (Toyota) which has a market value of about $202 bln.

From $350 to over a $1000 in less than 4 months. That is phenomenal. I imagine the hedge funds that were short this stock are probably very happy they exited their positions with the loss they had when they did.

Lets go

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One of the absolutely most useful indicators is volume.

Volume is the wind beneath the stocks wings

For stocks, volume shows the number of shares being traded.

So if stock ABC had 20 shares purchased and 10 shares sold on a particular day, the volume for that day would be 30.

In futures and options, the come represents the number of contracts being exchanged.

Adding volume to a chart and checking the levels and behaviour will provide a greater understanding of what price

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S&P 500 Recorded Its Best Second-Quarter Performance Since 1938



March 23 2020 was the low registered for the year so far and from there we have seen a nice recovery in the market. We started our bullish stance just 10 days from that low this year. The prior year the low was registered on Christmas Eve 2018 before the recovery began and we began our bullish stance just 6 days later in 2019.

Both times this was against what the majority of traders

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Morning Update for Jun 25 2020

Yesterday the market had a pullback. At least for the moment, we can assume it is a pullback and nothing more.

These are generally good for continuations as long as they hold at or near support zones.

On a big one day pullback, it is often difficult to find opportunities compared to neat BuF or similar patterns the happen over time. As a result of the one day swing yesterday, we need to stand aside

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