S&P 500 Recorded Its Best Second-Quarter Performance Since 1938



March 23 2020 was the low registered for the year so far and from there we have seen a nice recovery in the market. We started our bullish stance just 10 days from that low this year. The prior year the low was registered on Christmas Eve 2018 before the recovery began and we began our bullish stance just 6 days later in 2019.

Both times this was against what the majority of traders

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Morning Update for Jun 25 2020

Yesterday the market had a pullback. At least for the moment, we can assume it is a pullback and nothing more.

These are generally good for continuations as long as they hold at or near support zones.

On a big one day pullback, it is often difficult to find opportunities compared to neat BuF or similar patterns the happen over time. As a result of the one day swing yesterday, we need to stand aside

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Make Money While You Sleep

Hello trader,

Make Money Trend Trading While You Sleep

Make money while you sleep

Our biggest winners for 2020 so far:

As many of you will know, we have been bullish in the stock market since Jan 2019. During those 18 months, it has not been plain sailing. We have had pullbacks, consolidations, fake breakdowns and recently the fastest ever move into bear territory from the highs in a bull market. However, we continued our bullish stance throughout, although we

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Herd Mentality

Hi Trader,

From one dog all dogs bark

Herd Mentality

As many of you will know, we have been long this market since April 7 2020.

During this period many traders were either short and losing money or looking for the markets to resume the decline so they can take shorts.

We have been taking long positions and continue to do so and now we can see the late comers are joining into this bull party.


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Where Next for the Market?

Hello Dynamic Trader,

We have a day away from the markets as the UK and US are closed so expect low liquidity on FX today.

SPX 20200525

We continue to wait for the S&P to show its hand. Right now it is staying very close to the DVI so we have to apply patience.

We have a few new stocks on our list for the week ahead. This will be dependent on the market but we need

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That Uncomfortable Feeling


Bull & Bear Fighting

When price turns from bearish to bullish, the difficulty is always knowing where is the buy point.

Traders will often look to indicators for help figure out what price is doing. There is some guidance the indicators can provide but inevitably the decision to enter should be based more on price than what any indicator has to offer.

Every pullback many traders miss the buy points due to feeling uncomfortable with the current

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FX Price Action May 18 2020

Hi ,

Shahine gained his TRC nickname as Night Shift for staying up late into the night trading FX. Since then he has changed and limited his trading times to the more lucrative London and NY sessions.

Shahine kindly created a video explaining his:

  • Daily routine
  • Analysis
  • Trading
  • Money process

Shahine said he picks good quality candidates, low-risk set ups, allowing breathing space for the trend to develop and manages the trades in line

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Market Pullback

Market pullback

The main job of the market is to move up with the least amount of investors onboard. This can be witnessed by the number of times we see tree shaking in a trend.

Tree shaking can be in different forms such as BuF or mini consolidations but the sole job at that time is to remove the weak traders from and bullish trend. It’s easy to have an opinion but most times opinions

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Treat Trading Like A Business

I cannot forecast what will happen in the future but I can tell you that if you decide to embark on trading, it will be one of the hardest endeavours you will ever attempt.

It is a process that requires time and patience to learn, implement and experience. This is often overlooked by anyone who opens a broker account and thinks they are now a trader.

We recommend all traders use a small trading account to start with and as they progress with their trading, both in education and experience, gradually increase the account size.

When you first start trading, while your focus is probably all about making money, it actually shouldn’t  be. The purpose of trading with a small account is not to gamble the account with an attempt to double the size, it is to understand the process of trading, the strategies and risk allocation. If you can manage this with discipline and consistency, you are beginning to gain an edge.

Now that you understand some of the expectations of trading when you first start out, lets talk about how to grow your account.

Proper risk


Too often new traders think a £1000 account size is expendable. Would they think the same if the account was £10,000?

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